Volunteers are heroes!!

2nd March 2017

When I talk to schools, WI, anywhere, the people who are my heroes are the volunteers who each week chat with people in need of help from the foodbank. They listen, they make cups of tea, they sort hampers, they offer tissues sometimes – they make the foodbank happen. They get involved….

My  2 other heroes? The stock manager who drives me bonkers by having endless energy, whizzes all over the place collecting food from Tesco and Waitrose, organising and sorting it, and the teams too. He is only 70+!                     And the administrator who sorts the emails, does paperwork, sorts the vouchers, organises me as Project Manager.   I know they would not want to be named but P and P, my debt is massive.

I am stepping down at Easter due to family health matters – I could not be prouder of this team who work without praise, without glory, who volunteer so faithfully to do the unseen jobs. That takes a a special person.

And the people who give food to the foodbank – thank you.   Another set of heroes……. Judevolunteer checks date on food in warehousefoodbank-collection-tin





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