A little bit of help from friends…..

11th November 2016

I had the privilege yesterday of meeting a young guy living in a B and B, with no cooker, no permanent heating, not even a free washing machine.We talked about his past, his drinking, and how things are now. I asked about Christmas, while racking my brains to try to have a plan on how to get hot food to him and a few others on the day. BUT he and his mates in the B and B already have a plan to share their food, to club together to buy a mini cooker so they can have a real hot meal.
Fab reminder that people may be in a difficult position, living in a less than perfect place BUT they can plan, and make so many things happen even though it is tough.
My action? have asked him to keep in touch, accept some help at Christmas with a hamper for him and the mates to share, and have provided a new mini cooker and new towels as these are not easily available. They do not want charity, pity, nothing really – but by listening to him I received insight, inspiration and a chance to help… just a little bit. JL.

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